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This is the course webpage. Check here every week for announcements and access to course materials.


Course description and learning outcomes:


Welcome to BIONB4200, evolution of acoustic communication. After completing this course, you will:


  • Be able to explain how and why animals use sound for communication from the perspective of development, mechanism, function and evolutionary origins.


  • Recognize how answering basic science questions helps to inform translational and applied science, like conservation and global change mediation, and services like education and medicine; fields in which many of you will work.






For the next class meeting (on Wednesday Sept 2) there is one optional and one required reading. If you're not taking BIONB2210 right now, read the optional article for review. Click on link to course materials below and then go to folder for class 2. Thought questions responses (Piazza assignment 1) based on the required reading are due Tues Sept 1 before midnight (link to Piazza below). 



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