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Class 5, Mar 8:


Learning outcomes:


  • You will get hands on experience with sound recording and sound analysis technology.


A few days before our next class (this will take a little while), go to this link:


First, download Raven Pro (Raven Pro 1.5 beta build 21, Full download, 64 bit version- choose appropriate operating system).


Second, look out for an email from CLO bioacoustics with a license code for Raven Pro. Once you've downloaded the program and registered with your license code, go to "File" then "Open new sound files". Open one of the sample sounds to see if a spectrogram shows up and sound plays. Just let me know if you have any questions or if something doesn't work


Next, read the “Raven lite quick start guide” and the first two pages of the “sound analysis primer” (ignore everything after Fourier guide). PDFs below.






Last, work through the intro to raven activity on the course website (pdf below) and respond to the questions in piazza. In class on Tuesday, we'll assume you've got the basics down and will move on to more advanced analysis in class. Be sure to bring your laptop next week and get in touch if you don't have one.






Just let one of us know if you have any questions or if something doesn't work.


Jenelle and Aaron



Link to Piazza



Files for in class demo:



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