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Class 13, November 18:


Use Piazza ( to answer the following thought questions (due Tuesday Nov 17 before midnight). We will discuss your answers to these questions in class:



Question for Alice, Jeffrey and Jodie’s presentation on learned and innate acoustic signals:


Watch the video below and answer the following question:






















1. Using the information discussed in previous classes, do you think the lion's behavior in the video on the course website is innate or learned? Why do you think that and how could you test your hypothesis.


Questions for Margaret and Carly’s presentation on Acoustic culture in cetaceans:


First read this article:


2. How would you define culture that can be applied to not just humans, but all animals? By your definition, what are some animals that have culture?


Second please listen to this:


3. If blue whales are singing at lower pitches to attract females, do you think it is an honest call, why or why not? Come up with some other hypotheses why blue whales are singing at a lower pitch. 


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