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Class 2, September 2:


Why study animal communication?


Learning outcomes:


  • You will be able to compare and contrast the different levels of analysis and explain how questions about animal behavior can be addressed from different, but equally correct, perspectives using these levels.


  • This class meeting will allow you to evaluate the usefulness of basic science research to the animals we study and to human societies.


Read the the required article below and answer the following thought questions by posting a reply on Piazza (due Tuesday Sept 1 before midnight). We will discuss your answers to these questions in class.


Piazza 1:


Why should we, or anyone, study animal communication? Answer broadly, or with more specific thoughts inspired by the required article or your own knowledge/experience.



Assignments (files below):


Required reading:






Optional article on the levels of analysis, if you're not taking BIONB2210 right now, read this for review:






Link to Piazza


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