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Percent of students who completely or near-completely agreed with the following statements (responses averaged across four courses):


Dr. Dowling:


Was an enthusiastic instructor: 100%

Encoraged a variety of viewpoints: 98%

Has an informative and stimulating teaching style: 100%

Has a strong command of the subject matter: 100%

Was well-prepared for class: 97%

Presented material in an interesting way: 97%

Was responsive to questions: 100%

Structured the course so we could get help when needed: 98%

Treated students fairly: 100%

Engaged students with the material: 95%

Clearly presented the skills to be learned: 94%

Effectively presented concepts and techniques: 97%

Encouraged questions and participation: 100%

Helped me achieve my goals in the course: 100%

Presented course content in an organized way: 100%

Gave me clear, constructive feedback: 100%

Was helpful when I had difficulty or questions: 100%

Incorporated active learning and student participation effectively: 93%

Is an instructor who I would recommend: 100%


Overall rating of teaching effectiveness: 95%



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