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Teaching evaluation

Click below for a summary of my course evaluations across four courses I've taught:


Teaching evaluation summary

I assess the effectiveness of my teaching by providing surveys and having critique discussions with students several times throughout the semester. During these assessments, students anonymously offer critical opinions of which components of my teaching were useful, which were not and which active learning lessons were more effective than traditional lecture methods. In addition, I welcome critique that helps me be critically reflective of my personal teaching style, by asking students to comment on times that myself or the activity prevented open discussion about the topic, times that I demonstrated biases or incorporated my assumptions and perspectives into the topics I taught 


I've received helpful feedback during these discussions and students have shown that they pick up on my efforts. Here are a few highlights from recent reviews of my teaching in an Animal Communication course:


"Dr. Dowling was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter, moved through it at a good pace such that we were neither bored nor lost, answered questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, and made sure activities were fun and engaging while also being useful teaching tools. I thought she was an exceptional instructor in every respect."


"I like how genuine she was as an instructor. It was abundantly evident that she wanted to be there, the material was interesting for her to teach, and she enjoyed helping us learn. I felt very comfortable asking questions and participating in class. She facilitated an amicable learning environment every class." 


"Dr. Dowling was always prepared and enthusiastic about the subject matter. She was always willing to help, and generally provided clear answers to questions during section. I also appreciated that when she didn’t know something, she would 1) admit that she wasn’t sure (as opposed to making something up) and 2) would always have looked up the answer by the end of class (if possible) or by the next class"



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